Information on Making it Easier to Win Cockfighting

Information on Making it Easier to Win Cockfighting – Cockfighting is indeed one of the gambling games that is quite easy to play, but sometimes beginners in this game must know general information to make it easier to win cockfighting gambling.

Information on Making it Easier to Win Cockfighting

Maybe you don’t know that there is a game of cockfighting, this is called cockfighting. Usually this game is used as a gambling game, so let’s understand how to play cockfighting so you can win later.

Cockfighting is one of the most popular gambling games in Indonesia, but that was in the past, because now many landlords have been arrested for gambling with cockfighting.

So that a lot of people switch to playing cockfighting online, this method is arguably much more effective when betting using land dealers.

But when playing online, you also have to know the best live casino gambling sites as a forum. This is very important because it involves the safety and comfort of playing in it.

Why is that? Because the bet when playing cockfighting uses real money, so players certainly want the best online gambling site so that everything is safe and comfortable.

Various Easy Information on How to Play Online Cockfighting

If you want to learn how to play the best cockfighting, we recommend reading this article until it’s finished, bettor. Because later the whole cockfighting article has many important points in it.

playing cockfighting is actually quite easy, you have to guess who is the possibility of a chicken that will win in the fight. Now the essence of the cockfighting game is just like that.

Next, learn what the stakes are when playing cockfighting, let’s see the full explanation below so that later you can place bets correctly.

Meron Chicken (Red)

First, of course, you can choose the red chicken, this means if you guess that the red chicken can win the battle. In the installation, just click on the odds and to calculate the win, just multiply the odds by the amount of your bet.

Chicken Wala (Blue)

Next is the wala chicken bet or the blue chicken, if you believe that the blue chicken can beat the red chicken, please just place a bet here. The method of calculating your winnings is still the same, namely multiplying the odds by the stakes.

Both Death Draw (BDD)

Third, you can also choose both death draw or BDD bets, which means guessing that the two chickens have fought during the specified time and then the condition of the two chickens cannot continue the fight or have died together. If it is true that your bet in placing BDD, of course, your winning fee will be 1: 8, after that, if you place a meron chicken and wala and the result is BDD, then the stake will be returned.

Full Time Draw (FTD)

Finally, you can also place a bet on Full time draw or FTD, which means guessing that in a fight the two chickens have been fighting for 10 minutes but the condition of the two chickens is still fine. If so, then the result is FTD and those who put up here receive a payment of 1:88, but if you place a wala or meron and the result is FTD, of course, the bet money will immediately lose, yes, bettor.

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The Best Tricks To Win Online Chicken Fights

If you have mastered how to play cockfighting or cock fighting as above, then also learn the best tricks according to research results so that it is easy to win.

First, if this is the first time you try to play cockfighting, you should place it with a small nominal bet first. Because if you do experience defeat, then you don’t lose much capital.

Next, choose a chicken that has a fairly wide wing stretch, because the typical chicken is proven to be better at fighting than other chickens. This method has proven to win a lot of gambling players.

Finally, make sure to look for the best information about the state of the chicken when you want to compete, because this will greatly affect the performance of the chicken when fighting later.…